This website includes many different affirmations. The idea behind affirmations is to change old thoughts and limiting beliefs to a new more positive thought. Often if we feel hurt or have been traumatized in some way, we develop beliefs that can limit us in the future. For example if you have just come through a very painful divorce you may decide that marriage is a bad thing and that you are not prepared to do again. This belief can limit you from experiencing a happy marriage in the future. Or the experience could limit you further and you may decide that all men are the same, and another relationship would mean the same pain. This attitude is very easy to slip into and could limit you from finding a loving relationship in the future. Learning from our mistakes are crucial to personal growth. The role of affirmations here would be to undo these negative beliefs to help you move on from the pain and to stop you sabotaging any new relationships. Positive affirmation can help you embrace the future with the experience of what you don’t want and the wisdom to know what you do want out of a relationship. This experience, knowledge and awareness can empower you to make more informed choices when choosing a new relationship.

What to Do if You Find a Particular Meditation Difficult

You may find some meditations more difficult to do than others. If this is the case, notice how you feel, and where you feel it. Perhaps you feel a tension in your jaw or you feel unable to concentrate on a particular meditation. Perhaps the thought of a certain meditation makes you feel like cleaning out the bathroom cupboard. In that case take advantage of the feeling and consider it feng shui. If your jaw is still tense then spend some time tuning into your body and ask it what it needs. Is your jaw tension stopping you from speaking out and changing a situation for you? Is your jaw tension stuck anger and you feel like if you speak you will never stop shouting? Maybe it is trying to keep you safe from anger that could be turned inwards and become self-destructive. If you are tuning into your body and asking questions then always be gentle with yourself as your body usually is trying to do the best it can, with the resources you have available at the time.


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