Nourishment for Difficult Times is dedicated to providing a service for women healing from the trauma of gender based violence.

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Whilst researching, developing and writing the materials for Nourishment for Difficult Times, I first thought about publishing the materials as a book to go on sale in the UK. However, as the work progressed and after speaking and working with more and more women who had been abused I decided to not be limited by book publication. The publication of a book would have provided a financial basis for this work but the effect of taking the decision to provide the website has made the provision of a financial basis more of a problem.

It became more important to provide a free web-based resource that was available to all women around the world as the problem of gender based violence is global. As I felt it was crucial to acknowledge that abuse transcends all barriers of race, culture, class, religion and locality.

Nourishment for Difficult Times is unique in providing healing techniques for you to use when ever and where ever in the world you can access the Internet. We do not ask for a subscription fee for use of this site, however we do have costs involved in the maintenance of this service. For this reason I have added a button to the website for voluntary donations.  Even if you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal will accept the credit or debit cards listed below.

Also one of our aims is to translate this service into French to help the women in French speaking African countries such as Rwanda and The Peoples Republic of Congo where rape is used a s a weapon to suppress, subjugate and frighten women. We are in touch with voluntary organisations who work with women in Africa who can disseminate these healing materials. Again the translation will come at a financial cost.

We are aware that many women who use the site will not be able to donate and we acknowledge with respect that you may be at a stage in your recovery where money is extremely tight. However, for those who are more financially fortunate please consider increasing the amount you wish to donate to take account of this.

We are grateful for any donation you can make and would like to remind you that a donation of this kind is an exchange of energy and brings its own blessing and makes you an integral part of this global endeavour.


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