On these pages you will find free spoken meditations recorded by Jennifer S. J. Weston © (author and vocals) and Tony Morris © (music) in the spirit of love and sharing.  They are based on the ancient Verdic Chakra system which relates to the seven main chakras of Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown. 

They are guided meditations and have been carefully developed to soothe and relax you, to aid your inner healing process. 

All the meditations take approximately 20 minutes. 

To make the most of your guided meditation make sure you are in comfortable surroundings and somewhere you will not be disturbed.  Start in comfortable sitting position or lie flat on a mat on the floor.  Allow yourself to go with the guided flow and enjoy the experience.  Afterwards you may wish to log the experience in your healing journal.

As these meditations are designed as a relaxation aid, do not use whilst driving or operating machinery.

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Which Meditation do I Use?

Use the following information as a guideline to find the meditation to suit your healing purpose. Click through the other pages to find more information on the chakras.

Base (Earth) Chakra  Try this meditation if you are feeling:  stuck, cautious, afraid, ungrounded, out of touch with reality. 


Sacral (Water) Chakra  Try this meditation if you are feeling: overwhelmed by emotions, sexual compulsions or blocking sexual feelings, unable to let go, out of touch with feelings, lonely. 


Solar Plexus (Fire) Chakra  Try this meditation if you are feeling: angry, powerless, unable to act, unable to step forward. 


Heart (AIr) Chakra Try this meditation if you are feeling: excessive worry, unable to concentrate, out of touch with body, distrustful of thoughts, excessive thoughts, heartache. 


Throat (Ether) Chakra  Try this meditation if you are feeling: out of touch with reality, stuck in content, unable to see the bigger picture, no perspective, blocking grief, joylessness. 


Brow Chakra  Try this meditation if you are feeling:  unable to forgive, stuck in hate and resentment, feeling separate or different from others. 


Crown Chakra  Try this meditation if you are feeling: Stuck in the question of "this is all there is?", needing to go beyond the limits of the mind. 


Lakeland fells

Photograph by Jennifer Weston © 

Base (Earth) Chakra

Element: Earth

Verdic Name: Muladhara

Imagery: Four vermilion petals round a yellow square

Sound: Lam


Location: Perineum (the area in-between the genitals and the anus), the base of the spine



Amerynd Flute Used: Low B with totemic immature Seal and painted Green Man. This flute speaks of metamorphosis through the spirits of Air, Earth and Water. As the breath or Air and Water flows through the flute made of the  wood of the Lime Tree which grows from the Earth, a deep calming music floats into the ether. The seal is painted as an immature to signify change and growth and the Green Man is an ancient symbol of life, death and resurrection as observed through the seasons of the Year.


For more information on amerynd flutes visit http://www.amerynd.co.uk/index.html



In Balance

  • Matter of fact and down to earth
  • Reliable and honest
  • Strength of endurance,
  • Cautious and realistic
  • Pragmatic and practical, solid and dependable
  • Efficient and methodical,
  • Able to cope with practical things in the world
  • Able to create structure and manifest needs


Try this Meditation if You are Feeling:  Stuck, cautious, afraid, ungrounded, out of touch with reality


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