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The Steps to Complete Drug and Alcohol Recovery at Recovery. org

Our mission at is to connect people and their families with the information and resources to help them recover from substance abuse and behavioral disorders. We are a private resource and do not receive funding from any state or government programs, working instead with some of the country’s most respected treatment organizations who support and sponsor our efforts. We are real people who have had experience with addiction and recovery—some of us firsthand, with others having seen the havoc it can wreak on family and friends. We have come out of the other side stronger for it, and firmly believing that recovery is possible for everyone. There is no tried-and-true formula that works for every person, and we will all take different paths. Still, we believe that recovery is absolutely possible, and that it should be placed within reach of anyone and everyone who wishes to get better. To read more about this USA based service go to:

Digital Stalking

When technology like mobiles, social networks are used to harass and stalk someone the consequences can be devastating, even deadly, for victims. It is important to take stalking and online harassment seriously.

This comprehensive website is for victims of stalking, online harassment and bullying. It can help you to protect yourself from digital stalking.

USA National Sexual Violence Resource Centre

This is a comprehensive online resource centre for women of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicity. Aimed at  women in the USA its content also has a wider global application for these issues that affect all women.

Fighting Modern Day Slavery, Stopping Child Rape

StreetLightUSA specializes in caring for and healing child victims of sex trafficking/exploitation.

Our unique residential program is a safe haven focusing on American girls age 11 - 17, enabling them to start a new life. The FBI, police departments, child welfare agencies, and judicial systems throughout the country transfer girls to our 48 bed, fully-staffed, secure center. 

We honor and recognize that true behavioral changes occur when a rescued girl experiences internal motivation, spiritual growth, and relational safety within a secure, caring and nurturing environment. Our dedicated staff help girls find a new way forward so they can be independent, confident and successful young women.

 Skype 623-435-0900  Office open  10 - 5 MST Arizona

Speaking Out Against Child Sexual Abuse

This site has lots of information and statistics about childhood sexual abuse in the USA.  The link below cites studies from American abuse organisations showing the profile of an average perpetrator taken from studies of convicted sex offenders in the USA.

Wanting to Prosecute and live in the UK?

Abuse Law aims to provide easy access to information for child and adult survivors of physical, sexual and psychological abuse on all aspects of this complex area of UK law.  

Rights of Women works to attain justice and equality by informing, educating and empowering women on their legal rights.

An excellent handbook for reporting Sexual Abuse called 'From Report to Court'  is published online by 'Rights of Women' and can be found at:

Sexual violence legal advice line: 020 7251 8887
(Open Monday 11-1pm and Tuesday 10-12pm.) 

Womankind Worldwide

Womankind Worldwide have produced a wide range of resources for use in schools, to promote awareness about gender based violence and sexual bullying.

 UK Sites

Rape Crisis (England and Wales)

Rape Crisis is a Registered Charity. We support the work of local  Centres and the development of new Centres in areas where there are no or few specialist services.

Rape Crisis Scotland

Rape Crisis Ireland Network

Childline UK

Tel for free confidential chat: 0800 1111

Survivor Scotland A National Strategy for Survivors of Child Abuse

Support Line Helpline Service for Children, Young adults and Adults

Tel: 01708 765200

Independent Domestic Abuse Services

IDAS is a charity that provides comprehensive support services to all those experiencing or affected by domestic abuse. We work throughout York, Harrogate and District, Hambleton, Richmondshire and Craven and have links with other specialist domestic abuse services throughout North Yorkshire.  We work with women and men, people in gay relationships and people who are in fear of being forced into a marriage.

Sex Education Forum UK

The forum aims to ensure that all young people receive their entitlement to good quality sex education. Their website contains a range of useful factsheets and resources.

Greater London Domestic Violence Project

LDVP are a second tier organisation who aim to improve the safety and redress the imbalances in opportunity for children/young people witnessing or experiencing domestic violence. The website contains resources and briefings on prevention work. GLDVP also run training and events on issues linked to domestic violence prevention work.

Teachers Support Line UK

Woman's Aid UK

 NAPAC is the National Association for People Abused in Childhood. We are a registered charity, based in the UK, providing support and information for people abused in childhood.

UK National domestic violence helpline

0808 2000 247

UK Student Helplines

Edinburgh Nightline is a support service for students in the Edinburgh area.

We are open from 8pm - 8am term time and people can phone us: 0131 557 4444 anytime or talk to us online on 

Durham Nightline

We are a confidential, non-advisory, non-judgemental, non-directive listening service, run by students, for students.

Waltham Forest African Well Women's Services

Oliver Road Polyclinics, Upper Ground Floor, 75 Oliver Rd, Leyton,London , E10 5LG

Tel: 0208 430 7381

 Wanting to prosecute and live in USA?

Have a look at this useful website from The Women's Justice Center in Santa Rosa California.

Whilst I appreciate you may not live in California or the USA even, this site contains some useful and none technical information for tackling the Criminal Justice System, information that transcends not all national boundaries, but definitely some.

Feel free to photocopy and distribute this information as long as you keep the credit and text intact.
Copyright © Marie De Santis,
Women's Justice Center, 


Domestic Violence Help: Restraining Orders and Other Legal Options in the USA

by Judge Anthony P. Calisi (ret.)

Injuries to women from domestic violence exceed those from car accidents, muggings, and sexual assaults combined. Today, more than ever, domestic violence help is available from a variety of sources whose purpose is to end the destructive cycle of abuse.

Domestic violence is physical, emotional, or sexual abuse one partner in a domestic relationship commits against the other partner. It occurs in legal and common law marriages, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, and gay or lesbian partnerships. And, men aren't the only abusers. Although less frequent, women also engage in physical, emotional, and sexual domestic abuse. To read further go to:

In addition to the general advice provided on the page, we also have a free Q&A feature which provides direct access to a retired judge who can provide specific guidance on issues. If you scroll to the end of the page there is the option to add a question and review other previous questions.

Sexual Support Services throughout Australia (SASS)

This web page give a dirctory of all the Australian Support Services by region.

'The Advocates for Human Rights'group has extensive information about violence against women around the world on their website:

Look up Global Gender Issues on their menu.

"Violence against women is a worldwide problem that affects women of all ages, ethnicities, races, nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds. Some forms of violence are gender-based and impact women more disproportionately, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment and human trafficking, and this website describes each of these forms of violence against women in detail. Around the world, various social, economic, political and religious forces impact women's human rights in different ways. Women may experience human rights violations that do not fall within the commonly understood definitions of these four types of violence. These violations may include; forced and early marriages, female genital mutilation, honour killings, dowry-related violence, rape as a weapon of war, female infanticide, and enforced sterilization. Some forms of violence may be in response to governmental policies or laws, such as the one-child only policy in China, which has led to an increase in female infanticide. Social traditions and religious beliefs play a role in female genital mutilation and honour killings. The effects of forced and early marriages include reproductive health costs, a greater risk of domestic violence, and limited educational and employment opportunities. In cultures that perceive women's purity as embodying a community's honour, rape has been increasingly used as a warfare tactic in conflict areas.

To address these and other issues, The Advocates for Human Rights has created a Global Gender Issues section. The purpose of this section is to recognize that these abuses are violations of women's human rights and to provide information on these forms of violence against women".

Stop Violence Against Women, 2012, The Advocates for Human Rights

"The Advocates applies international human rights standards to advocate for women's rights in the United States and around the world. The Advocates works with local organizations to document human rights abuses against women, including domestic violence, rape, employment discrimination, sexual harassment in the workplace, and trafficking in women and girls. The Advocates has partnered with organizations in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Morocco, Nepal, Mexico, and Haiti, as well as in Minnesota. Staff and volunteers conduct in-country research through close collaboration with local women's non-governmental organizations, using traditional human rights fact-finding methods to document violations of women's human rights.

The Advocates also provides training on legal reform related to violence against women and consultation on new laws to legal professionals and women's organizations in the United States and overseas".

 "International Refugee Trust (IRT) is a medium sized international development non-governmental organisation currently supporting projects in Uganda, Sudan, Eritrea, Thailand, Jordan and Colombia.

IRT's mission is to support well-defined projects, which tackle real problems with practical solutions, helping particularly the most vulnerable and often forgotten refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and returnees; such as women and children in fragile and conflict-affected countries. These projects address their immediate needs, such as health care, but also help them build for the future for long-term elimination of poverty with education programmes and income generation schemes.

While we do support emergency programmes in the areas where we have projects, our main emphasis is with projects that build the long term capacity of communities to address their own problems with sustainable solutions."


Telephone: +44(0)20 8994 9120

 Organisations in the Caribbean


The National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-SAVE and Community Drop in and Counselling Centres

The Drop-in Centre programme offers counselling and other forms of intervention to victims or perpetrators of domestic violence, including victims of rape and incest. This programme also provides information and referral services to persons who require assistance to deal with other personal and family issues such as drug abuse, anger management, conflict management and teenage pregnancy. Counseling and support are also available 24 hours a day through the National Domestic Violence Hotline at (868) 800-SAVE (7283).

Families in Action Trinidad and Tobago

The helpline offers 24 hours, 7 days a week, emergency/crisis intervention. Anyone who feels emotionally or otherwise distressed is welcome to call and speak with one of our helpliners.

To access the helpline please call (868) 628-2333. Someone is always there to listen to you.

Simone Leid, founder of Woman speak and gender and development activist in Trinidad and Tobago says, 'A major motivating factor in creating WomenSpeak - Women Tell Their Stories of Discrimination was the belief that using first-person narratives of Caribbean women in telling the truth about women's lives, would lead to greater understanding, empathy and a change in attitude towards those societal norms and practices that give rise to discrimination and violence against women.'


Women Against Rape Inc.

Location: St Johns, Antigua and Barbuda

Contact: Alexandrina Wong

Phone: 268 721 5553



The Directorate of Gender Affairs

Redcliff Street, St. John

462-3990 or 462-1411

24 hour Crisis Hotline :463-5555


Bureau of Women's Affairs

Tel: (246) 431-0851 Tel/Fax: (246) 431-0850

Crisis Centre of Barbados

Tel: (246) 435-8222


Haven House

Provides shelter and intervention services to survivors of domestic violence in collaboration with other related agencies


Child Abuse Hotline Call 0-800-PROTECT (0-800-776-8328)

Domestic Violence Hotline Call 0-800- A WAY OUT (0-800-292-9688)



Dominica National Council of Women

3 King George V Street, PO Box 745, Roseau

Telephone/Fax: 1-767-448 3935

Telephone 1-767-448-7546

Learn more here


Women's Affairs Bureau
Tel: (592) 22-54362
Fax: (592) 22-73497


Woman's Inc. Crisis Center for Women

7 Denehurst Avenue-Kingston

Tel: (876) 929-9038

Montego Bay area call: 952-9533-34.

24 hour Hotline Kingston 929-2997

More info at

Women Resource Outreach Centre (WROC

47 Beechwood Avenue
Kingston 5
Phone: (876) 929-8873 or (876) 960-9067
Fax: (876) 968-9260

Caribbean Domestic Violence Agencies



NGO Data base for women survivors of gender based violence


 "Carolyn Gage is a lesbian feminist playwright, performer, director, and activist. The author of seven books on lesbian theatre and sixty-three plays, musicals, and one-woman shows, she specializes in non-traditional roles for women, especially those reclaiming famous lesbians whose stories have been distorted or erased from history."  (Carolyn Gage, 2011)

She writes in her blog pages a four part scholarly discourse about incest. Within this she reviews several books and makes points that will be of interest to the Nourishment for Difficult Times readers.

To view her work visit her website:

Diane Hinson is an artist and healer.  She kindly agreed to allow Nourishment for Difficult Times to use some of her wonderful art work to illustrate the meditations. 

"I have been creating portraits and mythical images for most of my life using various mediums including pencil, pastels, charcoal and pen and ink on paper as well as acrylic paints on canvas.

These images are often based in the ideology of empowerment of women and the female form as well as the wildness of nature. I am deeply inspired by the Natural world where the creatures and Goddesses and Gods I have created have evolved over the years from my imagination into quite a pantheon. Some of them are easily recognizable, some are based on stories I have read others have appeared in dreams or during meditation.

I am influenced by too may artists to mention but especially the mystical artwork of Freida Harris, the bold sensuality of Tamara de Lempicka and Pablo Picasso, to name a few. Graphic Novels such as Neil Gaiman's 'The Sandman' and Grant Morrison's 'The Invisibles' have also greatly influenced my work.

I have been working on designs for cards and giclee prints which I sell in the UK and internationally from my website: I am also available for commissions".

Diane Hinson Nov 2011


'Clinically voluptuous', Diane Hinson, 2009 ©

"Passion as Big as a Planet" is a book about the importance of connecting with others, with the world we inhabit, and ourselves. Most of all, this book shows how we can take responsibility for what we care about above all else. Simply put: "In our spirituality, we discover what is worth showing up for. In our activism, we show up." This book spans bigger than environmental issues, politics, or belief systems, although new perspectives are given on each. Through this thoughtful book, anyone with a passion can explore how to take action more effectively and with more joy. Every reader can relate to the author's personal and insightful examples. Ma'ikwe offers a new paradigm for interacting with the planet around us in a purposeful and respectful way that will provide optimism and hope and directly contribute to positive change in our realm."

"Mai'kwe is an engaged author who is in-tune with the people and the world around her. Her passion is contagious and her wisdom is down-to-earth and practical. Determined that everyone can make a difference, she is setting a prime example by living in a hand-made natural earthen home inside an intentional community deeply rooted in the values of sustainability and cooperation. Her enthusiastic spirit comes through in her honest, enlightening work that extends in many directions."

 Order book here:

 "Communities Directory: A Comprehensive Guide to Intentional Communities and Cooperative Living" (2010) published by the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC).

"The Communities Directory is the essential reference tool for those interested in finding or creating community. It is compiled by the non-profit Fellowship for Intentional Community from its online Communities Directory. As well as listings for over 1250 communities, it includes a set of useful articles about finding, joining, and starting communities, and an overview of the history and tools of shared living." 


The FIC  is a comprehensive resource for people interested in intentional community. Their website hosts an online Communities Directory in addition to the print version. They also host and co-sponsor events (such as the International Communities Conference hosted at Twin Oaks Community), publish 'Communities' magazine and have a small online bokseller carrying titles on community, sustainability and group process.

Tony Morris has just created a new website designed for the bereaved and grieving, where they can go to sit, contemplate and meditate if they wish without pages of advice.

It contains a gentle slide show of scenery and flowers, poems to read, poems with music to listen to and guided meditations from Nourishment for Difficult Times.

Please pass this information on to anyone you think might find it helpful.


The touch of your hand,
I shall remember,
Forever more;
The brush of your lips,
Soft on my cheek,
As you said, "Goodbye."

I shall not forget
Always, your tenderness,
Even in pain,
I shall remember,
Never forget
Your gentle touch.

MARCIA BROWN (BA(Hons), P.G.C.E,  MA) is a Visual Artist & qualified Arts Tutor with a passion for painting, teaching and creating music on her guitar.

She is the design consultant for the website Healing Meditations and workshop leader for Nourishment For Difficult Times. Her specialism is exploring spirituality and healing using visual art.

The Conceptual aspect of her work involves an inquiry into the relationship between music and art; while the subjective side concerns Ancient History and Biblical Narrative inspired by Roots Reggae Music.