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Patrick Dati has found his life path and has chosen a life of service. He is dedicated to helping boys and male adult survivors of rape and bullying. He is using his time on this earth to speak out and help heal others from crimes that have been hidden away in society for many years. All this takes an enormous amount of courage and personal empowerment to break free from family and cultural expectations and judgement. Patrick is a true survivor of heinous crimes and possesses the hard won wisdom that comes with facing sexual violation head on in therapy and working through the pain to a point where you can take that voice of healing out into the world and say 'the violence must stop'.

Check out his book 'I Am Me' which is available from his website address below:

Tim Holmes has chosen to take the courageous step to speak out about his experience of childhood sexual abuse and its impact on his mental health.  It is a story of his battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and his subsequent recovery after an intense period of therapy. 

He is a UK  advocate for men speaking out about trauma, abuse, suicidal thoughts and psychosis.

His book is called 'Life Without Edges' and speaks graphically about his abuse and life after the abuse.  It is available from his website:



We are committed to preventing, healing, and eliminating all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men through support, treatment, research, education, advocacy, and activism.


Helps men who have been sexually violated and raises awareness of their needs.

Sexual violation includes both childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault/rape.

Mankind UK

Since 2000, we have been delivering specialist support services to men (18+) who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and/or adult sexual assault at any time in their lives.

Mpower - Supporting Male Survivors of sexual abuse

If you're ready to talk, we're ready to listen

Oe2 Supports adult male survivors of sexual abuse.

We know that it might be hard to make contact with us but if you need to do this anonymously then you can use e-mail, twitter or text message. You can also call our helpline without giving any personal details.

Tel UK: 07539 810096