These free meditations are recorded by J. S. J. Weston © and Tony Morris © for you in the spirit of love and sharing.  They are based on the ancient Verdic Chakra system which relates to the seven main chakras of Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown. 


They are guided meditations and have been carefully developed to soothe and relax you, to aid your inner healing process. 


You are led into each meditation by a piece of music on an Amerynd Flute followed by a bell sound after which you will hear the voice of Jenny Weston leading you through the meditation. At the end the sequence is reversed, bell then Amerynd Flute music.


All the meditations take approximately 20 minutes. 


To make the most of your guided meditation make sure you are in comfortable surroundings and somewhere you will not be disturbed.  Start in comfortable sitting position or lie flat on a mat on the floor.  Allow yourself to go with the guided flow and enjoy the experience.  Afterwards you may wish to log the experience in your healing journal.


As these meditations are designed as a relaxation aid, do not use whilst driving or operating machinery.

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Lake amd mountains

Photograph by Jennifer Weston © 

Brow Chakra

Element: None

Verdic name: Ajna

Imagery: Two petals of luminescent pearly blue within a white column

Sound: Aum

Location: medulla plexus, pineal plexus, point between the eyebrows

Amerynd Flute used: High B made of English Flame Cherry which contrasts with the totemic Grey Crested Heron, a sober coloured bird of quiet waters that can hide by holding its beak high in the air so that it looks like a single reed among many. It is a symbol of patience and perseverance. The soaring voice of the flute resonate with the flight of the Heron circling in currents of warm air to reach higher into the sky and see an increasingly wider view than it saw standing in shallows of the River. It is a bird capable of transmigration from one Element to another.

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 In balance

  • Dissolves all our misidentifications
  • Ego, conditionings,
  • Habits and false ideas of separateness of human kind
  • Unconditional truth
  • Unified consciousness

Try this meditation if you are feeling: Unable to forgive, stuck in hate and resentment, feeling separate or different from others.

Cleansed by watching the sky, earth or nature.

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