The vision of this website is to empower women to be involved in their own personal healing from sexual violence.  This empowerment can take many forms and below are a few examples of how empowerment can manifest. 
It can be the power to:

• Feel all your feelings
• Walk away from sexual abuse
• Break ties that bind to domestic violence
• Transform what needs to be changed
• Reclaim your power from childhood incest
• Let go of difficult emotions
• Move on
• Gain new power
• Let yourself be ok
• Feel free of the trauma of your past

Join Our Vision

This website is not a charity, but does aim to be a 'more than profit' organisation. This means, firstly, that we are ready to re-invest much of our income in developing our ideology and our core activities. It also means that we are ready to hold back from, or turn down, business that conflicts with our ideology and our commitment to ethical business practice. Thirdly, we are building a community of people who are committed to our ideals in the spirit of sharing and healing. We have many links with other organisations on Linked in and on our 'blog' and 'links and resources' pages who share our aims and ideas.

If you would like to be part of this community please contact: