Who are the Meditations For?

The meditations are for all women who are going through the recovery process of domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, incest or molestation. Some focus on creating a safe space for yourself, which is essential if you have been sexually abused by a relative, husband or boyfriend in the family home or your own home.

How Long Will it Take Me to Recover?

Recovery can take time but all the time you invest on healing yourself will mean you are mentally and emotionally clearer and happier for yourself, your children and those you love. These meditations are not a substitute for good supportive therapy, but used alongside therapy they can be an extremely effective way of managing feelings, and can help you to learn to nurture yourself well as well as help you to change stuck patterns. Meditation is a learnt skill. I recommend you practice for short amounts of time at first. Spend ten minutes relaxing and noticing how you feel when you relax. Meditating can be challenging to start with as relaxing can bring up difficult feelings especially if you are used to covering up your feelings by being busy. This can easily be overcome by meditating at first with a partner, friend or therapist there to coach you on to deeper levels of relaxation and to listen to any of your concerns afterwards. This buddy system of meditating can also be very effective in a support group environment. If you are meditating alone and feel you need some support you could arrange to phone a friend, therapist support group member or a helpline such as Rape Crisis or another organisation local to you. A list of resources and help-lines can be found on the ‘Links and Resources’ web page.

Perseverance will bring rewards and as you learn to truly relax and let go you will discover a new sense of well-being, calm and deep peace.

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