JENNY WESTON (S.H., P.E.P.T., BA(Hons), MSc.) is a certified practitioner of Polarity Bodywork and Psychotherapy.  She is author of this site and contributed most of the photographs.

As a teacher she has led groups for many years on holistic thinking and healing. Her work is grounded in empowering her cliental to let go of stuck, self sabotaging patterns and embrace a more expansive concept of self. She has a particular interest in Buddhist philosophy and Shamanism, which she weaves into her meditation practise.

She also has degrees in Business and Management and MSc in International Business, with a special interest in how organisations manage change and how holistic thinking leads to positive transformation.

Her website is dedicated to women's well-being, and shows meditations and techniques to aid deep healing from difficult wounds to improve quality of life.  She is the workshop leader for Nourishment for Difficult Times.


 Jenny Weston


TONY MORRIS is a British Bard in the ancient tradition translating to and for the modern world. He collaborated on the music for the meditations recordings on this site and provided some amazing photographs.

Tony is a maker of verse, song, music and a storyteller with a keen interest in both past and present and their interlinking fibres, genealogy and both the corporeal and spiritual aspects of mortality. He improvises and extemporizes on a wide variety of instruments, such as; Lyre, Amerynd Flute and Bardic Harp, which he accompanies with the spoken word.

He has patrilineal descent from a tribe of bards, who were second only to the High Priests, predating the Christian Era by many thousands of years.

Having trained in the Law, he spent over thirty years as a judge in various tribunals, as a coroner, for fifteen years, investigating sudden and violent deaths and twenty-seven years as an employment law judge, where he interpreted, developed and made Law.  


His new website is designed for the bereaved and grieving, where they can go to sit, contemplate and meditate.

 Tony Morris